Campus: CSU Fullerton -- October 16, 2002

Asian Officials Seek MBA Degree From Cal State Fullerton

A dozen Vietnamese officials are on the fast track to an M.B.A. degree from Cal State Fullerton and soon will be joined by 15 Chinese managers.

The Vietnamese students arrived in August, attending English language courses prior to beginning the accelerated business program that continues until this time next year, noted Thomas Johnson, associate dean of the College of Business and Economics. When the Chinese participants arrive, they will be blended into the program with the Vietnamese.

Both groups are slated to complete a series of eight-week courses that will earn them a full M.B.A., noted program coordinator Shu-Jen Chen, professor of information systems and decision sciences. The participants also attend business writing and computer skills sessions.

“During the last decade, Cal State Fullerton’s College of Business and Economics has sponsored several programs ranging from one-day seminars to six-month-long business certificate programs to help Chinese government officials develop competency in business, leadership, strategy and skills in modern technology,” noted Chen. “Statistics show that China is in need of more M.B.A. graduates than they are able to train themselves. Government leaders have sought the cooperation of foreign universities, such as Cal State Fullerton, to help educate their officials. With this latest effort, we are expanding the bridge of opportunities to those in Vietnam.

“Such programs as this and earlier efforts help to fulfill our global mission of education and service,” Chen added. “These programs enhance the cross cultural interaction of our faculty members and students with students from other countries.”

Like all international students, these M.B.A. candidates pay both tuition and fees to attend Cal State Fullerton.

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