Campus: CSU Sacramento -- October 14, 2002

New CSU Sacramento Program Will Prepare Higher Ed Leaders

California State University, Sacramento will launch a new master’s degree in higher education leadership next fall, becoming one of the few public universities in the state to offer such a program.

The goal is to educate a new cadre of leaders for the state’s community colleges and universities who can fill vacancies being left by a growing number of retirees.

“We’re looking for people who really love the atmosphere at colleges and universities, people who enjoy the intellectual and organizational challenges,” says Carlos Navarez, a CSUS professor of educational leadership and policy studies who is coordinating the new program.

The master’s degree will initially have a student affairs concentration, and in following years will expand to offer concentrations in community college leadership and in policy studies in higher education. The program will prepare leaders at all levels of campus administration.

Students in the program will take classes as a group for two years, with classes scheduled in evenings and on Saturdays. Classes will be on such topics as staff leadership, diversity, accountability, ethics, facilities and grants.

Navarez says interest in the program was high even before it was formally approved at the start of the fall semester. Now recruiting has begun in earnest.

Applications are due Nov. 1. Early applications are encouraged due to the competitive admissions requirements.

The degree is being offered through the CSUS department of educational leadership and policy studies. For more information, contact the department at (916) 278-5388. Additional media assistance is available by contacting CSUS public affairs at (916) 278-6156.

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