Campus: CSU Humboldt -- September 20, 2002

HSU Outlines 'Responsible Economic Development' Initiatives

ARCATA Humboldt State University President Rollin Richmond this morning invited the North Coast business community to join the university's efforts to promote responsible economic development in partnership with College of the Redwoods.

Richmond presented the plan at a breakfast meeting at HSU's First Street Gallery in Eureka. "Collaboration between higher education and the business community is central to the success of a healthy economy," he said.

He defined responsible economic development as revenue-generating activities that accomplish the following:

  • Provide prosperity for local residents

  • Preserve environmental quality

  • Preserve a desired quality of life

  • Educate students to facilitate sustainable communities and beneficial businesses

  • Promote social justice
According to Richmond's proposal, Humboldt State would create an Office for Responsible Economic Development, to provide information and referral services, and an Institute for Economic Analysis to "facilitate understanding of economic tools and concepts and apply them to local needs."

Richmond invited business leaders to serve with him on a steering committee to promote responsible economic development, and he asked them to support Humboldt's Business Partners campaign to provide funds for the initiative.

Also at the meeting, Peter Lehman, director of the university's Schatz Energy Research Center and Humboldt State's Scholar of the Year, spoke about university research on fuel-cell technology. Maggie Gainer, who coordinates grants and research information at Humboldt, spoke of the need to develop scholarship resources for upper-division and graduate students interested in economic development.

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