Campus: CSU Stanislaus -- June 10, 2002

CSU Stanislaus Prepares For PeopleSoft Implementation

California State University, Stanislaus is in the preparation stages for implementation of a new administrative systems project adopted by the CSU system that features the introduction of PeopleSoft's Web-based software.

The project encompasses the human resources, financial services, student administration and advancement services functions on the CSU Stanislaus campus.

Maithreyi Manoharan, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, and Jim Hull, project director at CSU Stanislaus, said the new system, scheduled for installation in phases over the next three years, will enhance administrative transactions capability for students, faculty and staff.

Manoharan said replacing the current Web-based Banner system, installed at CSU Stanislaus in 1994, with PeopleSoft would improve efficiency and simplify the administrative records and reports process by providing one common system for the CSU campuses. A readiness assessment process in preparation for the installation startup at CSU Stanislaus began in April. Manoharan said she is confident that her staff has the expertise and experience to develop an appropriate plan for the University's administrative systems.

"Providing these new student administrative services over the Web will provide uniformity within the system and allow students electronic access to the form process, rather than having to turn in paper forms," Manoharan said.

Hull noted that much of the hardware for the system will be centrally located and maintained, reducing demand for additional computer space on the CSU Stanislaus campus. Housing computers requires specialized facilities and maintenance. He added that the new integrated system should pave the way for additional improvements in the University's electronic communication system with enrolled students as well as prospective students.

The opening phase of implementation of the system at CSU Stanislaus will start with Human Resources module - the Payroll and Finance modules will be phased in over the next two years. Target dates call for Human Resources to be on line in July 2003 and the Payroll and Finance modules going on line by July 2004. The Student Administration and Advancement Services modules will be phased in to the new system in the years that follow, with all 23 CSU campuses projected to be fully on line by 2006.

Three of the 23 CSU campuses -- Fresno, Sonoma, and the California Maritime Academy -- are among the first institutions in the world to be using PeopleSoft's most recent release of the Student Administration and Human Resources management module. Moreover, Fresno State was the first higher education institution to implement the PeopleSoft Campus Portal that enables a seamless gateway to Web-based self-service.

The CSU enterprise software implementation, referred to internally as Common Management Systems (CMS), is the largest in the history of higher education. The decision to use the PeopleSoft suite of software was a campus-led, system initiative involving committee recommendations made largely because of the flexibility of the PeopleSoft product. PeopleSoft's latest software release will provide web access and self-service functionality to system users.
As part of the PeopleSoft "Early Success" program, the CSU received early access to the PeopleSoft Human Resources and Student Administration 8.0 software, the most recent release. On February 4, Sonoma State and the California Maritime Academy became the first CSU campuses to process enrollment applications and human resource transactions using the new software. On February 19, the Fresno campus also began processing human resources and student applications.

PeopleSoft human resources and financial modules are already in place on 11 CSU campuses including the three campuses that are serving as pilots for student administration. Manoharan said that CSU Stanislaus should benefit from the implementation information and lessons learned those campuses are able to provide.

More information about the CMS project can be found at The website provides a link to the CSU Stanislaus implementation plan.

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