Campus: CSU Northridge -- June 10, 2002

CSUN to Offer 20 New Service-Learning Classes Next Year

CSUN's Center for Community-Service Learning has awarded $30,000 to faculty members who will teach a total of 20 new service-learning classes during the 2002-2003 academic year.

Each winning proposal received a $1,500 stipend for course development. The money for these new courses was made available through Cal State Northridge's share, $105,000, of $2.2 million allocated by Gov. Gray Davis to the California State University in 2000-2001 over the course of four years to increase student service-learning participation.

"Service-learning classes link meaningful community service to explicit academic objectives, preparation and analysis," said Maureen Rubin, the center's director. "These funds are used for curriculum development, and to support the activities of the campus Center for Community-Service Learning, including community outreach, student placement and faculty training."
Winners of the grants and the courses they will teach are:

  • Chicano/a studies professor Gabriel Buelna, "Developing Oral Histories in the Chicana/o Community."
  • Educational psychology and counseling professor Benita Chaum, "Application of Child Growth and Development Theory."
  • Manufacturing systems engineering and management professor Kang Chang, "Manufacturing Systems Design in Support of the Northeast Valley Small Business Development Center."
  • Central American studies professor Beatriz Cortez, "Central American Cultural Projects for an Immigrant Community."
  • Women's studies professor Elizabeth Drexelius, "A Way Out of No Way: Women, Ethics and Incarceration."
  • Nursing professor Martha E.F. Highfield, "Adult/Aged Self Care Agency."
  • Geography professor Edward Jackiewicz, "Housing and Community Development in the San Fernando Valley."
  • Chemistry professor Sandra Jewett, "Chemistry for Tomorrow's Scientists," an on-campus, after-school program for underserved students in the San Fernando Valley.
  • Music professor Diane Ketchie, "A Celebration of Song: Bringing Music to Young People and Seniors."
  • Women's studies professor Kristyan Kouri, "Mentoring Adolescent Girls."
  • Art professor Lesley Krane, " Autobiography Through a Pinhole."
  • Asian American studies professor Gina Masequesmay, "Constructing Asian American Sexualities: Organizing an Asian American Sexuality Conference."
  • Biology professors Rheen D. Medh and Virginia Vandergon, "Humanizing Genetic Diseases for Genetics Students."
  • Kinesiology professor Jaime Morrison, "World Dance in the Community."
  • Kinesiology professor Debra Patterson, "A Field-Based Approach to Teaching Secondary Physical Education."
  • Kinesiology professor Robert Plotke, "Adapted Aquatic Therapy Curriculum."
  • Electrical and computer engineering professor Ramin Roosta, "Field Programmable Gate Array Design."
  • Environmental health professor John Schillinger, "Teaching Environmental Health to Middle School Students."
  • Art professor Mark Taylor, " Gridded Portrait."

In addition to these new classes, three service-learning professors, Gabriel Buelna of Chicano/a studies, Debra Sheets of health sciences and Bruce Zucker of business law, received money to support presentations at conferences where they will speak about their service-learning work at CSUN to national audiences.

Buelna also will join music professor Ric Alviso and health science professor Louis Rubino in the faculty development mentor program, during which they will help interested professors from their disciplines to develop winning service-learning curriculum programs for next year.

The departments of art, health sciences and chemistry each received $550 to help them conduct workshops or purchase supplies that support department-wide service-learning efforts.
Information on these and other service-learning classes can be found on the center's web site at

Launched in 1998, the Center for Community Service Learning aims to inspire, encourage and support students and faculty in their pursuit of academic excellence through involvement in meaningful community service.

Contact: Carmen Ramos Chandler (818) 677-2130

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