Campus: Sonoma State University -- May 24, 2002

JDS Uniphase Donates $1 Million In Equipment For New Photonics Lab In SSU Computer Engineering Program

JDS Uniphase has announced its donation of nearly $1 million of analytical equipment in support of Sonoma State University's new master's degree program in Computer and Engineering Science.

The equipment will be used in a new photonics laboratory which will be ready for use this summer in the university's Salazar Hall. The lab is part of the new Cerent Engineering Science Complex which will include seven other advanced high tech laboratories in addition to the photonics lab.

Dr. Saeid Rahimi, Dean of the School of Science and Technology, says "We expect to have about 50 graduate students in the program by next Fall. The relatively large number of masters students is a clear indication of the need for such a program in the North Bay region."

The equipment will permit students to characterize a broad variety of optical components that are typically used in fiber optics telecommunications systems. Components can be measured for such properties as spectral characteristics, inband transmission, out of band rejection, polarization loss characteristics and dispersion.

Fiber optics systems allow communication of voice and data information using pulses of light guided on hair-thin glass fibers. Many channels of information, each at a slightly different wavelength and each carrying a very large stream of information, can be carried simultaneously over long distances on a single optical fiber. The extremely large information capacity of fiber optics systems will enable the continued growth of a wide variety of broadband applications in business and in the home.

Most of the equipment is near state-of-the-art design and includes some unique systems developed and manufactured by various divisions within the JDSU organization. This will enable students to learn various characterization methods using the latest equipment available in the industry. This will allow students to quickly transition into engineering positions within the telecommunications industry.

"As one of Sonoma County's major high technology companies for over 45 years, we are pleased to be able to provide support to SSU's Computer & Engineering Science program," said Joe Zils, President of JDSU's Thin Film Products Group. "This program will be a great benefit to the students and the many high tech companies located in the greater Sonoma County area."

Dr. Fred Van Milligen, VP & Chief Technology Officer of the Thin Film Products Group, noted that OCLI currently employs many Sonoma State graduates. "We are especially pleased that the new MS program will enable our employees to further their technical education at the graduate level without having to commute to the Bay Area. We look forward to working with SSU as their programs continue to develop."

Contact: Dr. Saeid Rahimi, Dean of School of Science and Technology, (707) 664-2169

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