Campus: Sonoma State University -- March 25, 2002

Chalone Wine Foundation And Sonoma State University Partner In New Wine "Entrepreneur In Residence" Program

Sonoma State University is launching a new "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" program for its Wine Business curriculum with the help of the Chalone Wine Foundation.

The new program is designed to bring a wine industry entrepreneur to the university for a semester of teaching, working with faculty, and enriching student experiences.

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence will offer a course entitled, "Wine Entrepreneurship," which will instruct students on how to write a business plan for a wine-related business or build a case study detailing the entrepreneur's past venture.

Chalone Wine Foundation, an organization that awards scholarships to students studying the art or science of wine or food, provides financial grants to wine-related nonprofit groups, and administers the wine donations of the Chalone Wine Group, is underwriting the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.

W. Philip Woodward, President of the Chalone Wine Foundation, commented, "We have worked closely with Sonoma State University to offer scholarships to students in its Wine Business Program and we wanted to continue our support in another facet. The Wine Business Program is important to the wine industry and the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program will add to it experiential education and mentoring."

David Hehman, Wine Business Program director, said "Phil is a quintessential entrepreneur in the wine industry, having built Chalone Wine Group from an emerging business into a publicly traded company. Phil reveals his entrepreneurial spirit in his book, Chalone: A Journey on the Wine Frontier, which chronicles the business of the Chalone Wine Group.

The hallmark of many great entrepreneurs is their desire to give back to the community. Byestablishing the Entrepreneur-in-Residence endowment fund, Phil is spreading his entrepreneurial vision and enriching our curriculum. We are thankful to have such a great mentor affiliated with our school."

Sonoma State University will announce the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence during its Career & Industry Night on May 9. The selection committee consists of Woodward, Hehman, and Dr. Armand Gilinsky, director of the EntrepreneurshipCenter.

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