Campus: CSU Northridge -- March 01, 2002

CSUN Among the Top 20 in International Student Population

Cal State Northridge ranks among the top 20 universities in the nation in the number of students it hosts from other countries.

CSUN's international student population continues to grow to record numbers, despite the aftermath of the terrorist attacks last September.

"International students make a major contribution to this campus by sharing of themselves and the sharing of their culture," said Shirley Bowens, a CSUN international students advisor. "Learning the differences among different cultures enhances our lives, and I think it also makes us appreciate our own lives more."

Cal State Northridge ranked 17th among hundreds of master's level universities in the United States during the 2000-2001 school year, with an international student population of 1,081, according to "Open Doors 2001," an annual national report on international education. Total CSUN enrollment that year was 29,066.

CSUN's international student population continues to grow this year, despite a federal crackdown on international student visas. University officials said Northridge's international student population increased 17 percent, to 1,264, students during the fall 2001 semester, the largest such population in memory.

CSUN's international students this school year come from nearly 100 countries, with the largest concentration from Asia.

In fall 2001, Japan lead the way in the number of students attending Northridge with 226, followed by Korea with 90, Taiwan with 72, China with 61 and India with 56. Those nations held the same rankings in Northridge's international student population during the prior school year.

"The location of the university has a lot to do with the reason why many Japanese students come to Northridge," said Asayo Mise, a senior communication studies major from Japan. "The city of Los Angeles is known to virtually everybody in Japan, and going to school near the city may even have some sort of 'brand'-ish meaning to some people."

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