Campus: CSU Los Angeles -- February 15, 2002

Cal State L.A. Professor to Research Results From Online Office Sex and Romance Survey

Based on her sabbatical research on the consequences of workplace romances, Janet Lever, professor of sociology at Cal State L.A., wrote the Elle/ Office Sex and Romance Survey, which debuted on both and the health cover page of January 15, 2002.

Anyone can log on and take the survey through February 27. According to Dr. Lever, it remains to be seen how many Americans will volunteer such private information on themselves or their colleagues but, she says, the Web survey promises to be the largest survey on the topic to date. Results will be published on the and sites in early May, with expanded coverage in the June issue of Elle magazine.

After sharing results with the public, Dr. Lever will submit articles to professional journals in management and human resources, as well to The Journal of Sex Research. This is the fourth mass media survey written and analyzed by Dr. Lever, who also coauthored Glamour magazine's "Sex and Health" column from 1991 through 1998.

Dr. Lever, who received her Ph.D. from Yale University, specializes in gender studies, leisure studies, applied sociology, and the social consequences of human sexuality. She is also adjunct staff member at RAND in Santa Monica, California where she researches and writes on sex and health policy issues. For the past 20 years, Dr. Lever has taught sociology at Yale, Northwestern, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC and Cal State L.A. She has been interviewed by CBS on "paraparenting" (formerly known as godparenting) and by NBC Dateline on "bisexual chic" in a February 1996 news segment.

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