Campus: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -- January 15, 2002

Gov. Davis Names Cal Poly Student To Commission on Service and Volunteerism

Gov. Gray Davis has named Cal Poly student Alison Anderson as one of six members of the Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism.

Anderson, who has an impressive record of community service, will serve with a notable group of educators and professionals, including Kerry L. Mazzoni, secretary for the Office of Education, and Delaine Eastin, superintendent of public instruction. The appointment was announced Jan. 9.

The commission is responsible for promoting community service throughout the State of California. It develops the CalServe national and community service plan and administers the state's service grants program.

Anderson, 20, now living in San Luis Obispo, is originally from Long Beach. She is a member of the Associated Students Inc. Board of Directors at Cal Poly. Previously she served as director of Cal Poly's Center for Community Volunteerism and Service Learning.

She also is co-director of Raise the Respect, a collaborative effort between Student Community Services and the university's Multicultural Center. She is a former member of Beyond Shelter, a program that assists San Luis Obispo's homeless shelter.

Last summer Anderson served as an educator/counselor at the NASA Space Endeavour Center. She is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in 2003.
Anderson applied for the position last summer at the urging of Maya Andlig, Cal Poly's assistant community services coordinator.

"I really love community service, and I'm really into politics, too," Anderson explained.
Asked how she found time for her extensive community service projects while enrolled in Cal Poly's civil engineering program, Anderson laughed and said, "I don't know.

"I guess the key is when you do community service and you're a director, you need to make sure other people get involved so it's not just you."

Anderson is the student representative on the state committee; members do not receive a salary and appointees do not require Senate confirmation.

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