Campus: CSU Chico -- December 03, 2001

CSU, Chico Exceeds Goal in Campaign to Raise Scholarship Funds

California State University, Chico has successfully concluded its first long-term fund-raising campaign, a three-year effort to raise money for scholarships to benefit CSU, Chico students.

While CSU, Chico set a $10 million goal for the campaign, President Manuel A. Esteban has announced that the university has raised $16,713,496 for scholarships.

The money raised will go toward scholarships for students who have a financial need as well as students who merit aid because of outstanding academic achievements and talents.

"Although we still have additional need, and thus we cannot stop fundraising, we can declare with great pride that we have reached our goal for this campaign," Esteban said.

Ed Masterson, associate vice president for university advancement, said hundreds of individuals contributed to the campaign. Contributions from donors were made in the form of testamentary bequests, irrevocable trusts, and cash, he said.

"This is the first major campaign we've undertaken. We surpassed our goal, and it is a tremendous credit to the many alumni, parents, friends, foundations and businesses who contributed to the campaign," said Masterson.

Esteban and Steve Nettleton, owner of the Chico Heat and a long-time financial supporter of the university, were co-chairs of the campaign. The campaign title was "Fulfilling the Promise," referring to the goal of assisting as many students as possible in fulfilling their dreams of a quality college education.

Newly raised funds will support a variety of need-based and merit-based individual scholarships. In addition, the campaign will benefit the President's Scholars Awards, an annual spring event where roughly 200 high school students take a test to compete for scholarships. In 2001, 10 high-scoring students received $12,000 each for four years of study, and another 12 received $1,000 each.

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