Campus: CSU Sonoma -- November 05, 2001

SSU Professor's Regional Economic Website Has Forecast On Impact Of Sept. 11 Events On Local Economy

"Do not be discouraged that it may be the spring of 2002 before we see significant changes in growth rates and employment," says economics professor Robert Eyler of Sonoma State University.

"A recession that lasts only nine months, especially after the attacks, is a sign of a healthy long-run economy which is much more important that a 35% drop in your IRA."

Eyler has added these thoughts to a new page to the web site of the recently resurrected Center for Regional Economic Analysis at the university. It can be found at

The website should be considered the central location for first-rate research, data, and analysis for local industry and governments of the North Bay, says the professor. A special emphasis is placed on businesses in technological and agricultural fields as well as governments in the university's service area. In addition, the CREA staff does contract research on business and economic problems for governmental organizations and private industry.

The industries of importance include the telecommunications, wine, tourism, and banking industries, says the professor who reports the newly-revised web site now has the following features:

  • Links to data and information services for local, state, US, and international economic concerns.

  • Report on the reaction of local real estate markets to macroeconomic changes, especially policy and financial markets.

  • Industry-specific links that connect local firms with their industries.

In the coming month, the CREA will expand to provide:

  • Daily news reports for each industry.

  • CREA-generated economic indicators for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties updated quarterly.

  • General reports to enhance the economic knowledge about the North Bay economy.

For further information, phone Eyler at (707) 664-4256 or e-mail

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