Campus: Cal Poly, Pomona -- September 07, 2001

In Response To Industry Demand, Cal Poly Pomona Launches Undergraduate E-Business Program

This fall, Cal Poly Pomona will launch a new e-business concentration for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration to address an overwhelming need for employees who are trained and experienced in e-business theory and practice.

E-business has the potential to streamline business systems and save operating costs. It uses Internet-centered technology in business activities, both internally (such as real-time inventory control) and externally (online marketing and sales).

"E-business is transforming the structure and working methods of industries worldwide," said Henry Co, professor of technology and operations management at Cal Poly Pomona. "Before long, electronic business will almost certainly evolve to such an extent, and its impact on business will be so pervasive, that it won't be long before the 'e' in e-business is gone."

Although the need for trained professionals in e-business is high, available training and staff has yet to meet demand.

"You can't turn them out faster than we can hire them," said David Hildebrandt, who runs a business innovation service program at IBM. "It's always the next generation that grows up with the technology that knows its full potential. We're always looking for that talent and training. It makes our job a lot easier at IBM."

Cal Poly Pomona decided to address that need last year after hearing similar testimonials time and time again.

Close to 50 students have already enrolled in the e-business concentration, with more expected by the time classes begin on Thursday, Sept. 20.

In addition to the general business curriculum, students will learn how to make an immediate impact after graduation with knowledge of the theory and practice of e-business.

The program will stress Cal Poly Pomona's learn-by-doing philosophy as well as sound business practices, said Eduardo Ochoa, dean of the College of Business Administration.

"This program is not for flashy start-ups, but for established companies interested in the long-term impact of e-business," said Dean Ochoa. "They could see noticeable savings across the board by restructuring the organization and using the Internet as a strategic tool and resource."

The College of Business Administration is hosting a half-day forum to introduce its new e-business program and further explore the ongoing e-business revolution on Nov. 2. For information and reservations, call (909) 869-3433.

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