Campus: CSU Hayward -- August 30, 2001

Cal State Hayward Telecommunications Network To Undergo $10 Million Upgrade

The telecommunications network serving students, faculty, and staff at California State University, Hayward will undergo a $10 million upgrade starting in the fall that will ultimately take about two years to complete, according to campus planner Bruce Bagnoli, who is supervising the multi-faceted project.

The upgrade for Cal State Hayward, to be completed in two phases, is part of a $270 million state-funded project to modernize and improve the telecommunications network of the entire 23-campus California State University system. Bagnoli said the upgrade work "will impact everyone on campus," but will be well worth any minor disruptions "because of the faster Internet communications and higher quality phone, video, and data communications capabilities."

The first phase of the CSUH upgrade will begin in September and will improve the phone system on the university's main campus in Hayward. A new computerized telephone switching system, purchased from Intecom Corporation, will be installed to replace one leased from Pacific Bell that has become obsolete. The new phone system will be linked by optical fiber. Remodeled phone rooms, with nodes, which act as communication links, will be located in six campus buildings: Warren Hall, Art and Education, Music and Business, Science, Meiklejohn, and the Student Services Hub.

This phase, estimated to cost $1.25 million, "should be completed shortly after the first of the year," Bagnoli said, adding that similar upgrade work will begin at CSUH's Contra Costa County campus in Concord, and be completed by late spring 2002. The upgrades in Concord will involve installing a new phone switch for the campus, along with underground duct work.

Trenching work at the Hayward campus, under the Campus Loop between Warren Hall and the university library and bookstore, will be completed in November. There will be no changes in phone numbers or equipment on either campus as a result of the upgrades.

The second phase of the telecommunications upgrades, to begin during summer 2002, will involve laying out and setting up of data wiring and video infrastructure. This phase is expected to take about 18 months to complete and will involve construction in every building on both campuses.

"These upgrades will give us capabilities we didn't have in the past," Bagnoli noted. "When the work is completed, the infrastructure on both campuses will be better able to support heavy Internet usage. Every classroom, office and lab will have a connection for high bandwidth for more efficiently sending and receiving telephone, video, and data communications."

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