Campus: CSU, Northridge -- August 24, 2001

CSUN Receives $34,000 for Community Service

Cal State Northridge has received more than $34,000 to support innovative community service-learning classes and programs at the university over the next academic year.

The money is coming from three sources - the Academic Mentor Program in the California Department of Education, the California After School Service Learning Initiative and the Western Regional California Campus Compact Consortium.

"Over the past several years, CSUN students have made so many meaningful contributions to the community that government and private funding organizations are increasingly helping us garner the resources to perform high quality community service that is linked to curriculum," said Maureen Rubin, director of CSUN's Center for Community-Service Learning.

"This year, CSUN students will be tutoring and mentoring hundreds of K-12 students and bringing them a variety of visual and performing art programs that enrich their lives while boosting their academic performance," Rubin said.

The Academic Mentor Program, a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) program funded by the state, has created a one-on-one mentoring program that links concerned college students with children in the community who need and want their help.

Last year CSUN sociology students tutored and mentored elementary, middle and high school students while observing and researching different theories related to the sociology of education.

This year, Rubin said, CSUN students will be tutoring math and literacy at 13 local schools "while they form bonds with young people who are often looking for college student role models."

The California After School Service Learning Initiative, sponsored by Youth Service California, will support art, music and theater programs that include service-learning projects performed by middle and high school students.

"In cooperation with the Constitutional Rights Foundation, LAUSD students will learn about free expression and First Amendment issues while learning to appreciate and demonstrate the value of art in our society," Rubin said.

Money from the Western Region Campus Compact Consortium will help fund the first Community Service Summit for nonprofit agencies in the San Fernando Valley next March. The meeting will bring CSUN faculty and students together with community representatives for a series of workshops, training and networking sessions and collaborative planning opportunities.

Launched in 1998, CSUN's Center for Community-Service Learning aims to inspire, encourage and support students and faculty in their pursuit of academic excellence through involvement in meaningful community service.

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