Campus: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -- June 15, 2001

Cal Poly Graphic Communication Students Take Top Prizes In Bookbuilders West Competition

Cal Poly Graphic Communication students won four out of five prizes in the 2001 Bookbuilders West (BBW) book design competition.

First-place winner Janet Foulger, a senior from Newbury Park, won a $1,500 scholarship.

Ann Fargo, a junior from Santa Clara, took second place and received a $1,000 scholarship.

Ann Amy Reisman, a junior from Sammamish, Wash., and Erick Norr, a senior from Long Beach, each received an honorable mention and $500.

All are part of the department's design reproduction technology concentration, coordinated by Professor Patrick Munroe.

The student competitors are asked to select and design a classic book. The page design must include the layout and typography; the cover design must try to convey the author's intent and the atmosphere and content of the story. The Cal Poly entries focused on "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, first published in 1850.

Christopher Smith of BBW said, "We were very impressed with the projects submitted by the Cal Poly students, both for creativity and execution. Several students researched their authors in depth and put great effort into creating a design that would have fulfilled the expectations of both author and prospective reader.

"The students from Cal Poly," Smith said, "have dominated the Bookbuilders West annual awards program for many years, both in numbers of entries and by producing outstanding projects that often come in first and second place. Several former students are now prominent book designers with BBW member firms. Last year's two winners were quickly hired by industry companies as a result of their attending the BBW annual book show and dinner."

Munroe said, "This year the standard and quality of the students' responses to the instructions and direction for the assignment were exceptional, as was their dedication to the project. The instruction provided in their class focusing on books and publications is unique in Western states universities. It gives them the fundamental knowledge and skills that enable them to design and produce a vast range of subjects either for print communication or e-books.

Bookbuilders West is a nonprofit association founded in San Francisco in 1969. Its objectives are to promote and support book publishing in 13 Western states.

The annual BBW scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in a four-year university, college or technical school with the intent of pursuing a career in the field of book design production.

Cal Poly's Graphic Communication Department, founded in 1946, has more than 33,000 square feet of laboratories. The department has one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation. Its graduates are recruited by some of the leading companies in the graphic communication industry and its faculty is recognized internationally as educators, researchers and consultants in the fields of traditional and digital printing and imaging, according to Department Head Harvey Levenson.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in electronic publishing and imaging, design reproduction technology, and printing and imaging management.

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