Campus: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -- June 05, 2001

Anritsu Co. Donates Test Instruments To Cal Poly Engineering Department

Anritsu Co. of Morgan Hill has donated to Cal Poly's Electrical Engineering Department six test instruments that will help students gain a competitive edge in the field of wireless communications.

The donation of Scorpion Vector Network Measurement Systems (VNMS), will be used in Cal Poly's Microwave Lab. It will allow students to create "real world environments" for the next generation of microwave-radio-frequency technology.

The gift, valued at $345,000, is part of Anritsu's engineering mentoring program.

"Anritsu is committed to providing engineering students with all the resources necessary to excel in their professional careers," said Frank Tiernan, general manager of Anritsu's Microwave Measurements Division. "Cal Poly is recognized as one of the finest engineering schools in the country and has continually upgraded its curriculum to incorporate new technologies.

"The Scorpion systems provide students with additional functionality and capabilities for conducting advanced microwave analysis so they will be better prepared when they graduate," said Tiernan.

"It's quite unusual for undergraduates to have access to this type of sophisticated, expensive equipment," said Cal Poly Electrical Engineering Professor Cheng Sun. "Our graduates will have a highly competitive edge in the growing area of wireless communications. The Scorpion systems are representative of what our students will use in the industry upon graduation," Sun said.

Anritsu Co. recently opened a manufacturing facility in San Luis Obispo and employs many Cal Poly graduates.

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