Campus: CSU, Los Angeles -- May 24, 2001

Cal State L.A. Technology Students Prepare Super Eagle for Competition

A new Cal State L.A. team is in place for the 2001 Supermileage competition, which will be held this coming June 1-2, in Marshall, Michigan. The student team expects to better the 8th-place finish it earned last year.

Last spring, a group of 12 students, along with Cal State L.A.'s Department of Technology Professor James Ettaro, completed work on Super Eagle for the first entry into the competition. Weighing only 67 pounds (the lightest vehicle in the contest), the Super Eagle reached 53 miles per hour during its run, which was the fastest recorded time.

The Cal State L.A. team also won recognition for their successful electronic fuel injection system, advanced engine design concepts and high quality construction. This past August, the team won a $200 award for their vehicle at the SAE 2000 Future Transportation Technology Conference in Costa Mesa, California.

The Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) sponsors the Supermileage contest, which helps students learn about the benefits of a more fuel-efficient vehicle and challenges them to set world fuel economy records. Winners are chosen based on the amount of fuel left in their vehicles' tanks, following a six-lap performance run. Competitors have achieved fuel savings that are equivalent to 1,000 miles per gallon.

For more information on the Super Eagle vehicle, call the Cal State L.A. College of Engineering and Technology at (323) 343-4500.

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