Campus: CSU, Long Beach -- February 27, 2001

Cal State Long Beach Receives $6.35 Million from U.S. Department of Defense

President Robert C. Maxson has announced that California State University, Long Beach has been awarded a $6.35 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to support the university's Center for Commercial Deployment of Transportation Technologies (CCDoTT). According to Maxson, the Department of Defense has appropriated more than $10 million during the past year to the center to support its work with ports.

"Congressman Stephen Horn's support was key to the university receiving the award," said Maxson. "No one works harder for this university than Steve. He has been terrific."

The $6.35 million appropriation will be used to further develop technologies associated with high speed ship systems considered suitable for commercial and military ocean transport interests. The funding will be applied to development of systems, equipment and procedures offering the potential to expand port and terminal productivity within limited space available to support growing ocean trade in major U.S. trading ports.
CCDoTT is a center in the College of Engineering at Cal State Long Beach and is managed by the CSULB Foundation.

To date, CCDoTT program efforts have included a wide range of contractual efforts involving universities and commercial technical organizations. These research and development efforts have focused on issues related to high speed ships, agile ports, military related rapid deployment requirements and command and control functions.

CCDoTT functions as a partnership of academic institutions, government and commercial corporations. It was formed to enable the Department of Defense (U.S. Transportation Command), the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration), and other partners to leverage advanced technologies in solving defense and commercial transportation infrastructure problems; conduct research and development for defense and commercial transportation infrastructure initiatives; and provide a technology transfer between the Department of Defense and commercial industry.

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