Campus: CSU, Long Beach -- February 21, 2001

10 Professors from College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at CSULB Selected for 2-Year Pilot Program Designed by The National Faculty

Ten faculty members from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Cal State Long Beach have been selected to participate in a two-year pilot program designed to prepare college and university faculty for professional development work with local high school teachers.

The two-year program is a collaboration between CSULB, the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) and The National Faculty (TNF), a non-profit educational organization whose objective is to bring college and university faculty into long-term partnerships with the nation's K-12 teachers. TNF programs deepen teachers' knowledge and skills in specific academic content areas with the goal of strengthening teaching and improving student learning.

The knowledge gained from the pilot program, which is supported by a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, will be shared with colleges and universities across the country to assist them as they search for ways to renew their commitments to public education and their communities.

"The National Faculty, Cal State Long Beach and the Long Beach Unified School District have been working together since 1995 to deliver rich and meaningful learning experiences for Long Beach teachers, so we know of CSULB's unique commitment to public education," said Rob Baird, TNF president. "This two-year pilot program offers all of us an opportunity to add a new and vital component to that commitment. The program is truly unique nationally and we're excited to be continuing our work together in this way."

Among those selected for the program are Kristen Bender, Carol Itatani and Dessie Underwood from the Department of Biological Sciences; Stan Finney, Bruce Perry and Carla Weaver from the Department of Geological Sciences; and Linda Byun, YongHee Kim, Angelo Segalla and Saleem Watson from the Department of Mathematics.

"We're extremely proud to be taking a lead role in the design of this professional development program for high school teachers," said Robert Maxson, president of CSULB. "The work done by these faculty members will not only pay dividends to students in the Long Beach Unified School District but future students at Cal State Long Beach as well."

Currently involved in the first year of the pilot project, the faculty members are participating in a series of workshops in which they are learning about the leading research and practices in professional development for teachers.

Later this spring and through the next school year, TNF will provide technical assistance to them as they begin to apply what they have learned to three new programs for LBUSD high school teachers in biology, geology and math.

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