Campus: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo -- February 2, 2001

Cal Poly Marketing Professor Selected for Statewide Leadership Program

Cal Poly Marketing Professor Teresa A. Swartz was among 50 women leaders from across the state selected by Leadership California for its Annual Issues Program (AIP) 2001.

Leadership California is a non-partisan, non-profit statewide organization founded in 1990. It is dedicated to the advancement of women leaders in public, private and non-profit enterprises throughout California.

"When the organization was formed, it was with a dream to inspire, inform and advance women leaders who would influence California's future," said Executive Director Pamela Hemann.

"We believe we provide steps in the critical pathway for successful women who are about advancement, achievement and significance."

This marks the 10th year that the AIP is offering the yearlong program, which takes the women through four sessions as a class.

"The program is designed to educate, communicate and champion on behalf of women leaders in ways that enhance their opportunities to influence California's complex economy and society," Hemann said.

"It connects women leaders from across the state with each other and with top decision-makers, thinkers and practitioners. It promotes creativity and innovation through the sharing of ideas and practices.

"Graduates of the AIP are empowered to contribute more fully to California's vision of excellence and to the communities and companies in which they live and work," Hemann said.

For more information on Leadership California, call (626) 793-7834. For details about Swartz, contact her at (850) 756-1411.

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