Campus: CSU, Los Angeles -- January 30, 2001

Cal State L.A. Professor Coauthors Practical Guide On Providing Psychotherapy And Counseling For Asian American Clients

A new book entitled Psychotherapy and Counseling with Asian American Clients, coauthored by Cal State L.A. professor of Education George K. Hong, is recently published by Sage Publications, Inc.

This book is a practical and comprehensive guide for clinicians, trainees and students interested in developing their skills in providing psychotherapy and counseling to Asian American clients. The authors offer a cultural and social environmental framework, which helps mental health professionals conceptualize issues facing Asian American clients as well as strategies for addressing clinical concerns.

A faculty member in the Division of Administration and Counseling at Cal State L.A., George K. Hong is also a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in providing mental heath services in community and school settings. He teaches in the areas of marriage, child and family counseling, school counseling, and school psychology. He is active in many professional organizations, including the American Psychological Association and American Counseling Association, and has served as a board member of the Asian American Psychological Association. His professional interests are in the areas of multicultural counseling and therapy, Asian American mental health issues, school-based psychological services, interdisciplinary collaboration and mental health service delivery models. Co-authoring this book is MaryAnna Domokos-Cheng Ham, professor of Education from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Many frequently asked questions regarding clinical work with Asian Americans are discussed in this book including: The cultural similarities and differences among various Asian American groups; clinical implications of immigration and refugee experiences; strategies for diagnostic assessments; ways to engage Asian American clients in treatment; application of individual, family and group psychotherapy and counseling; culturally syntonic service delivery models; and training and curriculum issues. Practical suggestions and case examples are also offered throughout the book.

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