Campus: CSU, San Marcos -- January 18, 2001

Former Congressman Packard Donates Congressional Papers to Cal State San Marcos

Representative Ron Packard retired in January 2001 after serving 18 years in congress. As he packed up his offices, Packard made one final contribution to his District's higher education institution: he donated his congressional papers to California State University San Marcos. These are the first congressional documents donated to the university. Recently, 44 boxes of Packard's papers arrived in San Marcos. The university will process, catalog, archive and store the documents.

"I am pleased that my congressional papers will be housed at Cal State San Marcos," Packard says. "The district I served and the university that was founded during my congressional career have meant a great deal to me and to my family. I am glad to know that some of my legislative history will be available to future scholars through Cal State San Marcos' library archives."

"A good library is not only about its collections, but also about serving as a resource to the region," says Marion Reid, Cal State San Marcos library dean. "Mr. Packard's papers will represent an important archival collection for us and our future faculty and students."

The process of archiving should take approximately one year, according to Carol Bonomo, associate vice president for external affairs.

Packard, a former Oceanside dentist and Carlsbad mayor, represented the 48th District for 18 years, after launching a write-in campaign in 1982. He is only the fourth person in the nation's history to win a congressional seat through a write-in. Packard was CSUSM's "founding congressman" until redistricting after the 1990 census. He continued to represent approximately 20 percent of CSUSM students in the 48th congressional district, which runs from Carlsbad to San Clemente to Temecula. Packard will become a consultant with the North San Diego County office of Dawson and Associates, a Washington D.C.-based government relations firm specializing in areas of natural resources, economic development, environmental regulation, energy, defense, infrastructure, and government contracting.

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