Campus: CSU, Stanislaus -- December 22, 2000

University Lowers Graduation Unit Requirement

Undergraduates at California State University, Stanislaus received an early Christmas present this week: Effective Spring 2001, a baccalaureate degree will require a minimum of only 120 semester units, reduced from 124.

CSU Stanislaus President Marvalene Hughes' approval of the University's Academic Senate resolution is welcome news to students striving to graduate in four years.

The CSU Board of Trustees recently reduced the required minimum to streamline the time it takes a student to graduate and to align graduation requirements with those of the University of California system. As a result, CSU Stanislaus has taken action to make students eligible for graduation in June with one less elective course, if they have satisfied all of the requirements of their major.

For some majors, graduation requirements remain in effect. For example, the 132-unit major leading to a baccalaureate degree in Music still requires students to complete additional units to graduate.

Students are encouraged to check with major advisors to determine whether specific major and minor requirements permit them to graduate with as few as 120 units.

"The faculty and I were anxious to make this benefit available to students as soon as possible, which is why we are implementing the relaxed requirements this spring semester, rather than waiting for the next academic year," President Marvalene Hughes said. "One of my top goals for the University this school year is to find ways to reduce time to graduation. This will certainly assist us in reaching that goal."

The application due date for Spring/Summer 2001 graduation has been extended to January 31 to allow students to apply for graduation this academic year under these new provisions. Students who have already applied for graduation need not reapply to benefit from this change.

Ed Aubert, Director of Admissions and Records, indicated that a considerable number of currently enrolled students should benefit from the new requirement.

"I've always felt that students shouldn't have to take extra elective units anyway," said Amanda Karr of Lafayette, a political science junior and Associated Students Representative to the University's Educational Policy Committee. "The general education requirements are already very challenging when it comes to getting all of your classes in four years, so this change makes a lot of sense."

Students can direct questions to the Office of First Year Programs and Advising, (209) 667-3449.

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