Campus: CSU, Stanislaus -- November 28, 2000

Wellness WORKs! Supports Stockton Jobs Program

California State University, Stanislaus has received a $335,000 grant that will help people entering the workforce succeed.

The University has teamed with the San Joaquin County Mental Health Services and Human Services Agency to open the "Wellness WORKs!" center in Weber Hall at CSU Stanislaus-Stockton. Dr. Paula LeVeck of the CSU Stanislaus Department of Nursing faculty is the director.

The center will provide a variety of educational services to San Joaquin County CalWORKs participants that focus on making their entry into the working world successful as they become productive citizens in their communities.

"It's a wonderful way for the University to partner with the community while helping participants focus on developing the skills they need to stay employed and to maintain their health," Dr. LeVeck said of the program. "In addition, it can serve as a practicum site for nursing, social work and psychology students."

Classes on a variety of life and work skills topics such as success is a choice, workplace etiquette, conflict resolution, parenting, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and coping with stress will be conducted in three classrooms at CSU Stanislaus-Stockton.

Sessions at the center, scheduled to start the first week of December, will be taught by educators and practitioners from the Stockton area. CalWorks caseworkers went through five days of training this month in preparation for referring their clients to the program.

"Every approach possible is being taken to provide CalWORKs participants with supportive services and education toward becoming and remaining employed," Dr. LeVeck said.

For more information on the program, call Wellness WORKs! At (209) 547-5155.

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