Campus: CSU, Northridge -- November 17, 2000

CSUN Students Go Abroad to Learn

Thirty-seven Cal State Northridge students have left CSUN-temporarily-to enrich their education.

The students were selected by the California State University International Programs from a variety of academic majors to study abroad for the academic year 2000-2001.

"The purpose of the program is to immerse students in another culture. That is why this is not a short-term program," said Marta Rezvani-Lopez, CSUN's national student exchange and study abroad advisor.

The students choose from more than 70 affiliated universities in Europe, Asia and Central America. Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom are four of the most popular of the 16 countries that students chose from. Other countries included Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan and Zimbabwe.

Rezvani-Lopez said, the students' choices were influenced by exotic locales, the desire to pursue a special interest of study or because of familial connections in the area.

A former international student herself who has studied in Vienna, Austria, Rezvani-Lopez said that international study is an educational as well as a life experience.

"Students come back matured. Their lives have changed so much," she said.

Study abroad students receive academic advisement prior to their departure. But Rezvani-Lopez cautions that the key for students' academic success abroad is to be flexible with their courses.

The CSUN students studying abroad this year are:

  • Jennifer E. Baldwin (Liberal Studies) of Simi Valley, Italy
  • Eliseo R. Capellino (Liberal Studies) of Los Angeles, Spain
  • Lourdes Ceja (Business Administration) of Panorama City, Spain
  • Ronald A. Cerros (Business Administration) of North Hollywood, France
  • Richard A. Colon (Business Administration) of Azusa, Germany
  • Mary A. DuMont (Theatre) of Santa Monica, United Kingdom
  • Elisa S. Far (Accounting) of Canyon Country, United Kingdom
  • Patrick A. Ferl (Photography) of North Hollywood, Australia
  • Sean M. Galbreath (Engineering) of Palmdale, United Kingdom
  • Elvira Gallegos (Biology) of El Monte, France
  • Gabriela Gangas (International Business) of Reseda, France
  • Osiris Garcia (Business Administration) of North Hollywood, Spain
  • Norgeena M. Gatchalian (English Literature) of Reseda, United Kingdom
  • Jennifer M. Gates (Business) of Loma Linda, France
  • Evelyn C. Gleyzer (Psychology) of Sherman Oaks, United Kingdom
  • Zaira L. Glick (French) of Van Nuys, France
  • Benny Y. Gong (Environmental Occupational Health Safety) of Los Angeles, Sweden
  • Blanca N. Gutierrez (Theatre Arts) of King City, Spain
  • Kara L. Hunter (Mass Communication) of La Crescenta, Mexico
  • Ibrahim S. Kalla (Political Science) of Burbank, Denmark
  • Stefan J. Klain (Geography) of Van Nuys, Germany
  • Katerina L. Kogan (International Business) of Tarzana, Germany
  • Jolene M. Kuebler (Health Education) of West Hills, Mexico
  • Danielle L. Mabry (Liberal Studies) of Burbank, Mexico
  • Eric P. Marin (Music Performance) of Northridge, Germany
  • Juan D. Martinez (International Business) of Burbank, Denmark
  • Bjorn Morlock (French) of North Hollywood, France
  • Jennifer L. Murray (Art) of Petaluma, Italy
  • Sahar M. Nikakhtar (International Business) of Westlake Village, Italy
  • Luke E. Nordrehaug (Business) of Escondido, France
  • Michelle E. Ohana (Art) of Newhall, Italy
  • Yvette Romero (Mechanical Engineering) of Canyon Country, United Kingdom
  • Carmen Sprague (Sociology) of Simi Valley, France
  • Jennifer M. Theriault (English Literature) of Van Nuys, United Kingdom
  • Rachel G. Uranga (Journalism) of Alhambra, Mexico
  • Valerie A. Williams (International Business) of Simi Valley, Spain
  • Ling Yan D. Wong (International Business) of Hong Kong, China, Denmark

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