Campus: CSU, Fullerton -- October 31, 2000

Cal State Fullerton Breaks Enrollment Record-Again

Cal State Fullerton has more students attending courses today than at any other time in the university's history.

This fall, 28,381 students are enrolled, marking the third consecutive year of record enrollments, according to figures compiled by the offices of Analytical Studies and Admissions and Records. The tally, which constitutes the official census for fall 2000, is about 1,200 more than last fall and continues a steady growth trend that began in fall 1995.

The number of first-time freshmen also increased. This semester, the university welcomed 2,762 freshmen-an increase of more than 100 from last fall's total of 2,637.

Also noteworthy is the full-time-equivalent student (FTES) count of 20,701-another record high. One FTE equals 15 units of student course work and is the basis for allocating state funding for the campus. For the fall 1999 census, the university recorded the then-record number of 19,885 FTES.

Another noteworthy trend is the increasing number of full-time students on campus. This year, 62 percent of CSUF's students are full-time students.

Further, the student body is 60 percent female-up 1 percent from last year.

"Our growth in enrollment since the 1996-97 academic year has been stunning-a cumulative 22 percent-and we expect to continue this increase in the next few years because there is a relentless demand for a CSUF education," noted President Milton A. Gordon during his annual convocation address.

The needs that will grow out of a continued growth in student population, as well as looking at the trends and conditions the university will face in the future will be addressed in a series of morning and afternoon campus forums scheduled Nov. 2-3.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators and representatives of campus support groups are being asked to join in discussions to ensure that the campus's physical facilities, including classrooms, housing, parking and open space, will be sufficient to support Cal State Fullerton's academic and community mission.

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