Campus: CSU, Channel Islands -- October 16, 2000

CSU Channel Islands Launches Faculty Recruitment via Internet-Based Applications

The dream of a new university in Ventura County, with its own students and faculty, is becoming a reality as California State University Channel Islands begins recruiting its first group of permanent faculty. The recruitment process, which will take approximately eight months to complete, began with a nationwide search designed to encourage a large number of applicants from a broad range of disciplines to apply. Prospective faculty members will apply to CSUCI through an innovative web-based application process that will be the first of its kind in higher education.

The search process will continue with an exhaustive series of reviews and interviews that will result in the selection a group of semi-finalists. This group will be brought to the campus for more in-depth interviews, presentations, and discussions during the spring semester of 2001. The search process will culminate when the list of finalists is recommended to the President for appointment in the spring. Approximately 23 full-time faculty will arrive by August of 2001 to continue planning and refining the curriculum necessary to have new CSUCI academic programs ready for our opening in the Fall 2002.

The new faculty will represent a variety of disciplines within in the Sciences and Mathematics, Humanities and Fine Arts, Teacher Preparation, Business Administration, and the Social Sciences. "This process will involve screening potential faculty for disciplinary expertise as well as assessing the candidates for key attributes and experiences important to starting our new university," says Dr. Ira S. Schoenwald, who is in charge of administering the search process.

"With the arrival of our first group of new permanent faculty, we will have ended the planning phase of our development and started the implementation phase of becoming a University," says Dr. Barbara Thorpe, Associate Academic Vice President.

More information on the search process is available at

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