Campus: CSU, Los Angeles -- August 8, 2000

Cal State L.A.'s Charter School of Education Prepares "Tech-able" Teachers

Cal State L.A.'s Charter School of Education will partner with a consortium of universities in a new teacher education program, recently announced by President Clinton.

Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) is a $43 million program to be administered by the U.S. Department of Education through 122 grants. The purpose of the program is to help future teachers use technology effectively in the classroom.

Only 12 grants are being awarded for nationwide projects. One of them has been awarded to a project through Western Illinois University, which was proposed by the Consortium for Application of Technology and Learning Innovations in Schools of Education (CATALISE).

The CATALISE Project will be focusing on preparing a critical mass of "tech-able" teachers throughout the country. The project will develop a model for the improvement of technology capabilities for all teachers. This model will then be disseminated to all members of the Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities (TECSCU), with the resulting potential of reaching all of the nation's 1,300 teacher preparation institutions.

Cal State L.A. is a partner in the consortium, along with Western Illinois, Eastern Michigan and Arkansas-Monticello universities.

Other members of the consortium include two national professional education organizations (NCATE and TECSCU), a regional educational research laboratory (NCREL) and Apple Computer, Inc.

"The Charter School of Education's participation in this project fits very well within our overall direction toward public school reform," said the School's dean, Allen A. Mori.

"From the inception of our status as the only Charter School of Education in the nation, we have understood the need for preparing teachers to be comfortable with technology."

The other 110 federal grants are being awarded to implement specific teacher preparation improvements at local colleges and universities.

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