Campus: San Josť State University -- July 17, 2000

SJSU Receives Nearly $900,000 for Moss Landing Marine Laboratory

The San Josť State University Foundation has received funding in the amount of $892,513 for Dr. William Broenkow of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories to continue his work with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to perform basic research on the validation of ocean color satellites for NASA's Earth Observing System. He and his staff will focus on the following areas: obtain sea surface truth data with the NOAA/NESDIS high resolution, spectroradiometer, the Marine Optical System (MOS) and newly developed fiber optic radiometers on bio-optical process cruises in a variety of optical water types; during the cruises, they will use CTD profiling instrumentation equipped with optical sensors to determine density, beam attenuation and chlorophyll fluorescence variability in the upper water column; thirdly they will use these data to develop and test new algorithms from which to retrieve ocean color associated properties such as pigment concentrations, (Chlorophyll-a and phycoerythrin among others), total suspended materials, dissolved organic matter concentrations and diffuse attenuation coefficients. Finally, they will continue to operate and maintain the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) and use this unique time series to model processes that cause variations in the satellite-sensed water-leaving radiances.

The total anticipated funding for this research is $2,760,939 over three years.

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