Campus: FULLERTON -- March 27, 2007

Cal State Fullerton to Offer Master’s Degree in Education to Students in China

In a first-of-its kind agreement with Fudan University, California State University, Fullerton and the Shanghai institution are partnering to offer a master of science in education degree program to Chinese students.

Cal State Fullerton President Milton A. Gordon and Fudan University Chancellor Qin Shaode have signed an agreement to offer the international degree program. Shaode and a delegation of Fudan officials toured the campus last month and met with university administrators and faculty members during their three-day visit.

“Fudan’s students will be coming here because they want to earn a master’s degree so they can go back and work as leaders in education in China,” said CSUF President Milton A. Gordon. “It’s a win-win for both Cal State Fullerton and Fudan University.”

Gordon added that the agreement is a result of a long and continuous relationship the two universities have shared for more than 20 years. Fudan University is Cal State Fullerton’s oldest institutional partner abroad. To date, the partnership between the university and Fudan has mostly involved faculty and student exchanges.

“We take great pride in offering this master’s degree program to Fudan’s students,” Gordon said.

Shaode hailed the agreement as a positive step forward in continuing the longstanding partnership between the universities.

“The signing of the agreement has brought our relationship with Cal State Fullerton to a new, distinct level,” Shaode said in a statement through a translator. “We treasure our relationship with Cal State Fullerton. This program is going to expand Cal State Fullerton’s resources to our students in China.”

Claire Cavallaro, dean of the College of Education, called the international program — Cal State Fullerton’s second master’s degree program to be offered overseas — groundbreaking for the college.

“It’s very exciting for our faculty to have this chance to work with students from China,” Cavallaro said. “We’re honored to provide this program to Fudan University — one of the most prestigious universities in China — and to share our outstanding curriculum. It’s a way that we can reach out globally and expand the benefits of our work.”

Cal State Fullerton currently has partnerships with 63 universities and colleges across the globe, said Ray Young, associate vice president for academic programs.

“Over the last three years, we’ve added more than 10 new partners around the world,” he said.

The growing list of new partners includes universities in Egypt, Finland, Japan and Taiwan. Most of the international partnerships involve student exchanges, but also include faculty exchanges and collaborations on research.

“Each semester we have six to 10 exchange faculty members here from universities elsewhere in the world,” Young noted.

Last fall, for instance, faculty members from universities in Spain, Brazil and Australia guest lectured at Cal State Fullerton. This semester, CSUF has visiting scholars from Korea, Bangladesh and China, including a professor from Fudan University.

A delegation of Fullerton faculty and staff members will participate in an annual seminar this summer that includes visits to Fudan and other Chinese universities.

Additionally, CSUF offers one other master’s program abroad. The College of Communications administers a master of arts in communications program with Hong Kong University’s School of Professional and Continuing Education. Fullerton faculty members spend part of the semester in Hong Kong to teach students in the program there.

University officials also are exploring prospects with global partners to offer master’s programs in such areas as international business, nursing and other education fields, Young said.

Cavallaro, dean of the College of Education, 714-278-4021,
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