Campus: San Francisco State University -- November 17, 2006

SF State Ranks No. 1 in U.S. among Master's Institutions for International Students

More Than 2,000 Foreign Students from 94 Countries Attended the University Last Fall

San Francisco State University has more international students than any other master's degree-granting institution in the United States, according to 2005-06 figures released Monday by the Institute of International Education.

This marks the second consecutive year that SF State is ranked No. 1 for international students. The University was No. 2 each year from 2000 to 2004.

The rankings are based on the most recently completed academic year, 2005-06. The number of international students at SF State last fall was 2,016.

Yenbo Wu, SF State director of international programs, said students exposed to new perspectives, languages and cultures graduate fully prepared for careers in a rapidly shrinking global society.

"The paradigm of global thinking is impacted by our international students' experiences in the U.S.," Wu said. "In the long run, these students will be leaders in government, commerce, law, education. They will return to do business with us and look to us for collaboration. Through these exchanges, we can look forward to better understanding and fewer misunderstandings." Last fall, matriculated international students at SF State represented 94 countries of origin. The University remains a top destination for students from Asian countries. They comprised nearly 74 percent of the University's international student body. Japan topped the list with 425 students, as it has since SF State began tracking countries of origin in 1994. The other top countries of origin were Taiwan (169 students), South Korea (134), China (117) and Mexico (82).

Business administration remained the most popular field of study (638 students), followed by computer science (99), biology (70), psychology (70) and teaching English to speakers of other languages (65).

SF State's international student body last fall included 1,220 undergraduates and 499 graduate students. Matriculated students do not include those enrolled through SF State's College of Extended Learning or American Language Institute, as well as some other short-term visitors, students and scholars.

For detailed nationwide data on international students, visit the Institute of International Education's Web site.

Contact: Yenbo Wu, SF State director of international programs, (415) 338-6377, To schedule interviews with SF State international students, contact Matt Itelson of the SF State Office of Public Affairs and Publications, (415) 338-1743,

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