Campus: Sonoma -- October 16, 2006

Agilent donates $40,000 for second round of scholarships

For the second year, the Agilent Technologies Foundation has awarded a grant of $40,000 to provide scholarships for Sonoma State University engineering students and fund other elements of a partnership to support the University's Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences program.

Scholarships were awarded to six students chosen in a competitive selection process. Recipients receive $1,500 for the first semester and $1,500 for the second semester if they meet academic requirements.

Seven students in the BS-ES program received scholarships in the 2005-2006 school year. All scholarship winners are assigned Agilent mentors. These are engineers who share information about the technology industry and jobs in engineering as well as host the students on visits to Agilent's Santa Rosa facility.

Some mentors work with the students on technology-based projects, and based on their interaction with the scholarship winners, all mentors are asked to provide feedback to the SSU engineering department faculty on strengths of the program and opportunities for improvement.

Additionally, four other Agilent engineers have been named adjunct faculty members in the Department of Engineering Science and are participating in curriculum and laboratory development. Following completion of the work on curriculum and labs, some or all of the Agilent adjunct faculty members will have an opportunity to teach engineering classes part-time at the University.

Proceeds from the grant also are being used to support SSU's new engineering science lecture series. Intended to benefit SSU engineering students and faculty as well as the local industry and community, the lecture series features leading scientists and engineers discussing technology trends, developments and breakthroughs. The next lecture is scheduled at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 19 in Salazar Hall with guest speaker Jim Hollenhorst of Agilent Laboratories.

The partnership with SSU is consistent with Agilents goal of improving math, science and engineering education. "Sonoma States Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences program is critical in developing qualified, talented graduates needed by local technology companies to drive innovation and improve our competitiveness in the global economy," said Mark Pierpoint, vice president of Agilents Technology and Services Organization and the companys representative on the engineering departments Industry Advisory Board.

"Agilents partnership with the university provides support at multiple levels -- scholarships, mentorships, adjunct instructors, curriculum and course work development and a lecture series -- with the goal of enabling the BS-ES program to become an invaluable asset in the community."The latest grant complements earlier Agilent donations of industry-leading test and measurement equipment for use in the Agilent Technologies Communications Laboratory at SSU.

"Periodic major equipment donations from Agilent Technologies have enabled the department to develop and maintain state-of-the art laboratories that are the envy of many large institutions," said Jagan Agrawal, director of the Masters of Science and BS-ES programs at SSU.

"The grant, equipment donations and other contributions from Agilent have been extremely valuable for the BS-ES program in its development, attracting high quality students and bringing prestige to the program as well as to SSU. We look forward to continuing this close and fruitful relationship with Agilent and strengthening it further in future."

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