Campus: Chico -- August 16, 2006

CSU, Chico Named International 'Mega Center' for SAP Software

SAP Americas, a subsidiary of SAP AG, the world's third largest software maker, has named California State University, Chico as one of two campuses in the United States to provide technical and curriculum support for universities around the world.

CSU, Chico and the University of Wisconsin will be "mega centers" that host the latest SAP software programs and answer technical questions for business classes at universities. SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software supplier, and its software is used and taught at approximately 720 universities in the United States and abroad.

CSU, Chico's College of Business began using SAP software in the classroom in 1996 as part of an initiative to incorporate information system technology in its business curriculum. In 1998, CSU, Chico won the first SAP University Alliance Research Award for its work integrating SAP software into existing business curricula.

In 2000, SAP named CSU, Chico as the first SAP University Competency Center, enabling the University to share curricular materials and instructional technology with other schools in the United States. Since hosting DePaul University and the University of Missouri in 2000, the number of schools CSU, Chico has provided support for has grown to more than 70 worldwide. This total includes 25 universities in India, six in Mexico and 27 in the United States, including USC, UC Irvine, University of Georgia, Carnegie-Mellon University, Oklahoma State University, University of Florida, Auburn University and Syracuse University.

Ray Boykin, associate dean of CSU, Chico's College of Business and director of the University Competency Center, said he expects CSU, Chico will be providing support to more than 100 universities by January 2007, making it probably the largest academic hosting center in the world.

"This is not only a prestigious honor for Chico State and the College of Business, but it will mean expanded opportunities for our students to learn and use the newest enterprise software available from SAP," said Boykin. CSU, Chico students learn the complex software, then learn how to install and implement it and provide technical support to other schools, he said. "Our students receive a significant competitive advantage in the job market because of our partnership with SAP," Boykin said.

Boykin said CSU, Chico receives funding from SAP to host the software and provide support for other universities. He said the University received almost $500,000 this year to fund SAP hosting and related projects. CSU, Chico has also received funding for the servers and other hardware to host the software, Boykin said.

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