Campus: Bakersfield -- May 2, 2006

Public-Private Proposal Summaries

Six proposals presented to California State University, Bakersfield as part of the university's public-private partnership initiative in the campus' revised master plan would provide an array of amenities for the university as it moves deeper into the 21st century.

The proposals range from a $2 million physical therapy and training center to a massive near-half-billion-dollar plan for hotel, condos and conference center.

The proposals would also have a major economic impact on Bakersfield and Kern County, not only in terms of the construction but also in job creation.

CSUB President Horace Mitchell said he's pleased with the proposals and impressed by their thoroughness and thoughtfulness in regards to improving both the university and the community.

"These proposals show the real spirit of public-private partnership and a commitment to excellence," Mitchell said. "The firms making the proposals have thought not just about themselves but also about the impact these proposals will have on the university and the surrounding community."

Here is a short description of the six proposals in alphabetical order:

  • Bakersfield Adventures for the Mind, or BAM, a children's learning center for ages 4-12, proposed by Kern Community Foundation and Partners. A 35,000 square foot facility would feature hands-on permanent and rotating exhibits, interactive education and recreational activities in a state-of-the-art center. It would also provide a teacher-training institute that would provide opportunities for CSUB in teacher training and education. Projected cost is $14.5 million. The proposed site is adjacent to FACT, fronting Camino Media.

  • Crisp & Cole Towers and Center of Excellence. Twin 32-story towers linked by a "Sky Club," parking facilities, "Emergency Management Center of Excellence," and a child-care facility. The project would include a hotel, condominiums, restaurants, parking for the proposed campus baseball stadium, and classroom and office space for CSUB. Projected cost to develop the project is $470.7 million. Proposed location is on the southwest quadrant of the campus.

  • CB Richard Ellis and J.G. Bailey Corp, a four-story Embassy Suites or Marriott Courtyard hotel, with food-service and meeting-conference space. CSUB would be allowed free use of conference facilities and two-nights per month free use of hotel rooms with sufficient notice. The company would also provide internships for a future hotel management program at the university. Projected cost of the project is $20 million.

  • Farmworker Institute for Education and Leadership Development (FIELD), an 8,000 square-foot leadership and development center and half-acre garden on the southeast quadrant of the university. The purpose of the center would be educational and economic opportunities for rural communities. No cost estimate provided.

  • Gregory D. Bynum & Associates, a four-story, 100,000 square-foot office building, proposed for a site adjacent to Roadrunner Way. The building would be leased to office-space tenants with the potential for collaborations with the CSUB School of Business and Public Administration. Cost estimate not included.

  • Terrio Therapy-Fitness, Inc., a 17,000 square foot building with adjoining field space to provide physical therapy and fitness services with a portion of the space dedicated the CSUB Athletics Sports Medicine program. The proposal includes collaboration with CSUB's Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology, and strength-and-conditioning opportunities for CSUB athletic teams. Projected cost for the project is $2 million.

The university is evaluating the proposals on campus and in discussions with the CSU Chancellor's Office to determine which plans to pursue further.

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