Campus: STANISLAUS -- April 20, 2006

University Teams With Delta College on New 2+2 Business Degree Program

California State University, Stanislaus-Stockton Center and San Joaquin Delta College will partner starting this summer to offer a 2+2 business degree program that will include Friday evening and Saturday morning classes and some course offerings via the web.

The program is designed to give Delta students the opportunity to complete a business degree through a transfer program to CSU Stanislaus that will enable them to take all of their degree classes in Stockton. Students will complete their first two years of lower-division general education and pre-requisite classes at Delta and then transfer to CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center in University Park where they can complete upper-division courses to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a selection of concentrations in accounting and general business.

"Development of this program in collaboration between San Joaquin Delta College and California State University, Stanislaus is a major plus for students in the San Joaquin County region who want to earn a business degree and take their classes in Stockton," said Dr. Hamid Shirvani, President of CSU Stanislaus. "The classes will be offered at convenient times at CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center and be available on line for working professionals and others seeking to achieve their educational goals."

Dr. Raúl Rodriguez, Superintendent/President of San Joaquin Delta College, said the new program will meet a demand in the Stockton region.

"We are pleased to work with CSU Stanislaus to facilitate an easy transition for students seeking a bachelor's degree," he said. "This new program will enable many Delta College graduates majoring in business to pursue their undergraduate degrees closer to home. The program provides flexibility for students who need to work while attending college or who have other non-traditional schedule requirements or circumstances."

Noting that the average age of CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center students is 32 and that most are working full-time jobs, President Shirvani said this program is tailored to meet the needs of those students.

Core business major courses, set up in a progressive block format, will get under way at CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center in June. Since most students entering the program typically work full-time 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, classes will be available on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Some of the courses will be available on line and class subject matter will be made available on line and at the Stockton Center.

"One of the primary focuses of the program is to meet the needs of our constituents in the San Joaquin County region, so we are really excited about the partnership we have in serving community college students," said CSU Stanislaus College of Business faculty member Dr. Ashour Badal Mavaneh, coordinator of the Stockton Business Degree program. "Based on a series of focus group meetings we've held with community leaders, they've made it very clear that there is a need for more degree program classes in Stockton offered at convenient times for busy adult professionals. It's our responsibility to provide that for them and we are committed to bringing it to Stockton."

Members of the Stockton business community are welcoming the new partnership program.

"Having an opportunity like this available in the San Joaquin County region is a giant step toward getting lots more people in the community involved with and supporting public higher education in Stockton," said Tom Beard, President and CEO of Stockton Eastern Railroad and Stockton Terminal Co. "It's a great way of building a relationship between the schools and the community to offer another quite appealing tool for businesspeople."

Sedrick Mitchell, a former Stockton resident and Deputy Director of External Affairs for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, is enthused about the new program as a CSU Stanislaus graduate serving on the University President's Council.

"This is another example of this university's commitment to a student-centered high-quality educational experience," Mitchell said. "Those students who avail themselves to this program will discover a clearer pathway to both academic and professional success."

Kevin Huber, President and CEO of Grupe Commercial Company in Stockton which is developing University Park, feels the higher education opportunity will help boost the local economy.

"I believe the 2+2 program will be beneficial to the region as it will retain local business students by offering them an accessible and affordable business education," Huber said. "The 2+2 will be a great opportunity for working adults to advance their education, while continuing to work. By capitalizing on the success of San Joaquin Delta College's and CSU Stanislaus' existing successful business programs, this unique opportunity will result in a better educated workforce in San Joaquin County, thus attracting more industry and jobs to the region. With CSU Stanislaus and education as the core of our University Park project in Stockton, we at Grupe are excited about 2+2 , and what it will mean to our community."

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