Campus: Sonoma State -- January 9, 2006

Second Internet Connection at SSU Boosts Campus Capacity 100 Times

Sonoma State University recently linked the campus network to a second independent Internet connection that is 100 times faster than its predecessor (1 Gbps vs. 100Mbps).

"This upgrade to our already world-class network facilitates the increased use of video, sound, and data across great distances, providing instant access to educational materials and software from remote locations," says Chief Information Officer Sam Scalise.

"It also prepares our campus to gain from innovative new developments in network-based services," he says. "Such capabilities will insure that our students remain competitive in the classrooms of tomorrow."

The high-speed network enables high-quality video conferencing from any network connection in the system, sharing of presentations, and perhaps more importantly - the cost-effective distribution and sharing of software applications throughout the CSU, Scalise says.

Sonoma is one of the first California State University campuses to complete this phase of the Technology Infrastructure Initiative that calls for a high-speed network throughout the CSU. As each campus reaches this level of performance, information will be effectively shared throughout the CSU system.

Besides better streaming of video for lectures to multiple sites, Scalise also sees the expanded network offering use of parallel computing power to conduct complex scientific research and collaboration.

Future plans for the network include increasing the speed of the first Internet connection to match the speed of the new connection. Additionally, the campus continues to expand the footprint of the wireless network, as well as enhancing network security and authentication.

Contact: Jean Wasp, Media Relations Coordinator, (707) 664-2057

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