Campus: CSU San Bernardino -- October 31, 2005

CSUSB Student Enrollment Soars After Last Year's Decrease

Nearly every category of student enrollments increased at Cal State San Bernardino for the fall of 2005-06, according to the university's latest student census.

The census released on Oct. 14 shows the total headcount increased to 16,431 students, an increase of 236 students from last year's total enrollment of 16,195. Full-time equivalent students (FTES) rose to 13,208, which was an increase of 107 students from the 2004-05 FTES of 13,101. An FTES is equal to 15 hours of study per quarter. The information is from the university's Institutional Research Department.

As the university celebrates its 40th anniversary, this year's student population pales CSUSB's enrollment of 293 students when the campus opened in 1965.

"The numbers are indicative of our campus receiving more state funding, opening up enrollments and using outreach programs to work with area schools and community colleges in the inland region," said Robert McGowan, the university's associate vice president for enrollment services.

The census also includes the number of CSUSB students who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath along with California students who planned on attending colleges in the affected Gulf Coast region. Cal State San Bernardino has enrolled 12 students displaced by Hurricane Katrina, including 11 for the fall 2005 quarter and one for the 2006 winter quarter.

Those displaced students who registered for the fall quarter will receive free meals and housing for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Student enrollment increased in every category except for the number of students seeking teaching credentials and the number of foreign students.

The university's total enrollment includes 12,464 undergraduate students, which is up from last year's figure of 12,109. There are 2,478 master's degree students enrolled this year compared to 2,235 in fall 2004, while the post-baccalaureate category decreased to 1,489 from 1,851 a year ago. The total head count includes full-time and part-time students.

Female students continue to outnumber men by a 2-to-1 ratio (10,804 to 5,627). There is no ethnic majority on campus, with Caucasians (38.6 percent), Hispanics (35.5 percent) and African Americans (12.8 percent) comprising the largest ethnic groups among those students who listed their ethnic background.

A comparison of last year's student enrollment is on the following page.

Founded in 1965, Cal State San Bernardino is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2005-2006. CSUSB offers more than 70 traditional baccalaureate and master's degree programs and a wide variety of education credential and certificate programs to a student body of more than 16,300. Cal State San Bernardino is the sole public comprehensive university serving the inland Riverside-San Bernardino counties of Southern California.

Cal State San Bernardino provides a major economic boost for the Inland region, contributing $532 million in expenditures to California's economy, supporting more than 10,000 jobs in the state and producing more than $625 million to the state economy from alumni earnings. Cal State San Bernardino also generates more than $28 million in taxes and for every $1 the state invests in the university, Cal State San Bernardino generates $4.53 in additional spending.

For more information on the census visit: For more information on Cal State San Bernardino, please contact the university's public affairs office at (909) 537-5007 and visit

Fall 2005 Cal State San Bernardino Census Information
  Fall 2005 Fall 2004
Total Enrollment 16,431 16,195
Total FTES 13,208 13,101
Female 10,804 10,723
Male 5,627 5,472
First Time Freshman 1,692 1,629
Freshman 1,407 1,175
Sophomore 1,575 1,501
Junior 3,429 3,458
Senior 4,361 4,346
Master's 2,478 2,235
Post Baccalaureate 1,489 1,851
0.1 - 6.0 Units 1,892 1,799
6.1 - 11.9 Units 3,007 2,940
12+ Units 11,532 11,456
Median Age First Time Freshman 18 18
Median Age Undergraduates 22 22
Median Age Grad/Post Baccalaureate 31 32
African American 1,868 1,827
Asian/Pacific Islander 1,201 1,121
Hispanic 5,203 4,915
Native American 147 139
Non-Resident Alien 572 594
White 5,656 5,789
Other/Unknown 1,784 1,810

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