Campus: CSU Los Angeles -- October 12, 2005

CSULA Chemistry Professor Receives Grant Funding Cutting-edge Nanotechnology Research

California State University, Los Angeles chemistry professor Frank A. Gomez recently received a grant to develop groundbreaking "nanotechnology" devices that may be used in applications ranging from detecting bioterrorism pathogens such as anthrax to analyzing forensic evidence at the scene of a crime.

"Basically we are developing miniaturized devices that will allow people to use hand-held instruments to perform point-of-care diagnostics and to detect pathogens from bioterrorist attacks, among other applications," says Gomez. "For example, a physician can simply put a little dab of blood into a hand-held device and analyze it while with a patient, rather than having to take it back to a laboratory. As chemists we are always interested in devising smaller instruments to make things easier."

The $450,000, four-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will fund this research, which will develop analytical techniques that examine small molecules and enzymes involved in disease and public health.

Gomez will serve as principal investigator for the project, titled "Microfluidic/Capillary Electrophoresis Devices for Chemical Analysis." In this role, Gomez will oversee a group of 14 Cal State L.A. undergraduate and graduate students as well as a post-doctoral fellow. In addition, students from Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles and Los Angeles Trade Tech who conduct research in Gomez's lab each summer will also contribute.

"This project will provide students with invaluable chemistry experience in bioanalysis, biochemistry and instrumentation design and development, allowing them to conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research to help solve broad scientific problems," says Gomez.

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