Campus: Humboldt State University -- September 9, 2005

In Katrina's Wake, HSU Helps

With their home universities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, seven students from the Gulf Coast are expected to arrive at Humboldt State University in the next few days to continue their education.

According to HSU Director of Admissions Scott Hagg, conditional admission has been granted to students who were attending college in areas of Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama hit by Hurricane Katrina. They will also have the option of living in HSU's residence halls.

Following a decision by the California State University Chancellor's Office, students who are permanent residents from Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama may have out-of-state fees waived. Their academic units will also be transferable.

Students from the hard-hit Gulf Coast areas, even those who lack proper academic documents, may be admitted conditionally for the Fall 2005 term, the CSU reported, adding that their enrollment status for subsequent terms will depend upon the as-yet-unknown ability of schools in the Gulf region to provide transcripts and other documentation.

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed said, "The California State University wants to make sure that the educational goals of students are not interrupted by this devastating hurricane. We will do what we can, as fast as we can, to help out these students and their families."

According to Hagg, the students coming to HSU had been attending Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans. At least four are from Louisiana, and at least one is from the North Coast, he said.

HSU is also offering counseling services to any of its students who may be experiencing post-traumatic stress in the wake of the hurricane, whether they are from the Gulf Coast, have family or friends in the impact region, or simply find it difficult to cope given the enormity of the disaster.

At a meeting Tuesday night, about 60 HSU students gathered to explore ways to support relief efforts for those whose lives were upended by the hurricane, including the possibilities of benefit concerts, humanitarian efforts during spring break and food drives. Students who would like to get involved may contact Clubs and Activities Coordinator Mike Kittredge at (707) 826-6012 or

Vice President for Student Affairs Steven Butler said he and other HSU administrators are working with the students to help them raise awareness and secure donations of clothes and canned goods.

The university, Butler said, encourages members of the campus community to support relief efforts by sending a check to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army or an agency of their own choosing.

For more about accommodation and relief efforts throughout the 23-campus CSU, see this web site:

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