Campus: CSU Stanislaus - September 7, 2005

California State University, Stanislaus Making Preparations to Accept Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina

California State University, Stanislaus President Dr. Hamid Shirvani said today that the University is prepared to accept students from Gulf Coast area colleges displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"California State University, Stanislaus will gladly participate in any way possible," President Shirvani said. "This University is prepared to help out these students and their families. We still have openings for our fall semester classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level and want to do all we can to help make sure that the educational goals of these students are not halted by the hurricane's devastation."

President Shirvani said earlier reports that California State University, Stanislaus did not have space available and had opted out of the relief effort by other CSU campuses were a misinterpretation.

President Shirvani explained that the list of seven campuses announced in a September 1 California State University news release was apparently based on those campuses that had projected they may not make their enrollment targets.

"It was not the Chancellor's intent to imply that these are the only campuses that plan to participate; he simply did not want to presume the capacity of the other campuses that have projected meeting their enrollment targets," President Shirvani said.

President Shirvani also pointed out that the CSU news release did indicate that "Enrollment by Katrina-affected students at the other 16 CSU campuses will be at the option of those campuses on a case-by-case basis." In fact, CSU Stanislaus is still accepting late applications on that basis.

"We hope that many students, particularly those who might be from California, accept our sincere invitation to consider California State University, Stanislaus," President Shirvani said. "We are waiting with open arms and hope to be helpful with their transition."

Prospective students and their families can call California State University, Stanislaus at (209) 667-3070 or click on "Enrollment Services" and then "Prospective Student" on the University web site at:

Media contact: Don Hansen, (209) 667-3997

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