Campus: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo -- August 26, 2005

Cal Poly Named a 2005 'Technology Innovator' by Tech Magazine

Cal Poly was recently named a 2005 Innovator by Campus Technology magazine.

One of only 13 schools in the nation recognized, Cal Poly was cited for its highly effective e-mail-based recruiting process.

From the first contact during the sophomore year to a welcome e-mail from the dean of their new college, prospective Cal Poly students are in constant electronic contact with the university.

Each newly admitted student also receives personalized e-messages from the Cal Poly president, provost, and their department chair. And these are not just text messages but sophisticated "Flash" Web video messages, explains Assistant Vice President for Admissions Recruitment and Financial Aid James L. Maraviglia.

"We use our e-communication hub to deliver a series of personalized, on-going e-communication messages," said Maraviglia. "This system allows us to communicate with prospective students by e-mail or the Web throughout the entire enrollment cycle."

In addition, prospective students can easily create their own Cal Poly "portal," he said, which funnels updated information to them about the colleges and campus activities they select.

They receive additional helpful messages about campus services such as housing, financial aid, and summer advising.

How effective is this high-tech recruiting effort? Cal Poly just documented its 11th straight record applicant pool - with over 27,000 candidates filing an on-time undergraduate application for only roughly 4,300 openings.

There is quality to complement the quantity, too, Maraviglia added. With this fall's admits, Cal Poly achieved the highest high school grade-point average ever for a freshman class: 3.83.

Cal Poly's electronic recruiting process is powered by software developed in 2000 in collaboration with Hobson's Management Technology, according to Maraviglia.

Mary Grush, editor of Campus Technology, said the magazine's senior editors looked for "institutions that not only broke new ground with their use of technology, but who also serve as role models for other colleges and universities."

The magazine includes a case study on the technology programs of each of the universities it selected, with advice from their various specialists. To view Cal Poly's profile, go to and click on Campus Technology Innovators 2005.

Maraviglia added that Cal Poly is honored to be included in the magazine's first field of innovators and happy to share with other campuses. "We feel we've developed a tool that can help many universities recognize their exact admissions goals, and we are thrilled to be able to share our success."

Contact: James L. Maraviglia, 756-(805) 756-2913

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