Campus: CSU East Bay -- August 19, 2005

Family Endows Scholarships in Economics at Cal State East Bay

The family of the late Joseph Fuhrig has made a $100,000 gift to endow a scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students in economics attending California State University, East Bay.

Fuhrig was a Cal State East Bay alumnus and Pleasanton resident who died in March 2003 after a 32-year career as an economist, teacher and lecturer. The Libertarian Party in California chose him as its candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1982, for the House of Representatives in 1984 and for governor in 1986.

"This university and its professors had such a big influence on his life," said Joseph Fuhrig's brother Michael, also a Cal State East Bay alumnus, a Hayward resident and a faculty member at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. "He was always talking about how much the university and the professors meant to him and his career."

Scholarships and awards from the endowment will be awarded to deserving undergraduate and graduate students in economics at Cal State East Bay.

There also is an option for awards to be made to those who intend to pursue a doctoral degree at another institution after completing their master's in economics at Cal State East Bay. The university does not currently offer a doctorate in economics, but a number of CSUEB economics graduates have gone on to Ph.D programs at institutions such as UCLA, New York University and George Mason University, according to Charles Baird, co-chairman of Cal State East Bay's Department of Economics.

"Professors who had Joe Fuhrig as a student still remember him as a brilliant, engaging student who was quick to absorb economic principles," said Baird, who will chair the committee of professors that will review applicants for the Joseph Fuhrig Private Enterprise Scholarship.

The scholarship fund was established Aug. 11 at a campus event that included Cal State East Bay President Norma Rees, Mike Fuhrig,Professor Baird, College of Business and Economics Dean John Kohl, and Vice President of University Advancement Bob Burt.

"This is an important, lasting legacy from the Fuhrig family that the university sincerely appreciates," President Rees told MikeFuhrig. "Not only will current economics students benefit from the awards and scholarships, but this fund will serve as a permanent resource to attract the interest of potential students considering Cal State East Bay for their university home."

Joseph Fuhrig earned his bachelor's degree in economics from Cal State East Bay in 1970 and his master's in economics from CSUEB in 1973. Over the next 32 years he taught economics at Armstrong College in Berkeley, the College of San Mateo, Academy of Art College, San Jose State University and Golden Gate University. Frequently teaching at more than one of these campuses during the same academic term, he began to call his career "The Traveling Capitalism Show."

Fuhrig's free market convictions and activism as a member of the Libertarian Party led to his candidacy in several statewide elections. He also was an active supporter and guest lecturer at the Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies, which is part of the university's College of Business and Economics at Cal State East Bay.

More information about the Joseph Fuhrig Private Enterprise Scholarship is available by contacting Professor Baird at the Cal State East Bay Department of Economics, (510) 885-3275.

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