Campus: Cal Poly Pomona -- August 5, 2005

Cal Poly Pomona Responds to Information Security Breach

Cal Poly Pomona is notifying 31,077 individuals that personal data may have been illegally accessed by computer hackers. The hackers attacked servers affiliated with the Division of Student Affairs and the Division of Administrative Affairs. The main student database was not impacted.

There is no indication that the hackers accessed personal data or will use it for any unlawful purpose. However, the university is alerting those impacted by e-mail or regular mail beginning Aug. 4.

The servers contained personal information, including names and Social Security numbers, of student applicants as well as current and former faculty, staff, and students. The students impacted applied and/or were enrolled in the last five years. Based on the findings, there is no way to tell if the data was taken or if a person gained access to the data. There is also no sign at this time that the crime took place on campus or involved faculty, staff or students.

Cal Poly Pomona has established a Web site,, and a toll-free number to answer questions and provide information to those impacted. The Web site also contains information on combating identity theft.

The university discovered evidence of hacking during routine monitoring of the network on June 29. A team of university experts was immediately assembled to assess the breach, ascertain whether personal data had been exposed, and determine the impact on the university community. That study was completed this week. Cognizant of the increased challenges of computer hacking and identity theft, Cal Poly Pomona continues to expand its practices to ensure that data held by the campus is secure. Unauthorized computer access is a crime under section 502 of the state penal code. It carries a penalty of up to three years in prison and fines up to $10,000.

Contact: Ron Fremont, (909) 869-4379,

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