Campus: CSU Stanislaus -- May 25, 2005

CSU Stanislaus Students Introduce New Warrior Mascot

California State University, Stanislaus unveiled a new mascot at the annual Warrior Day celebration.

The University’s new medieval knight mascot wears armor, a helmet, and shield that will eventually be emblazoned with the CSU Stanislaus logo.

“We’re very excited about this new mascot because the design was supported by our students,” said Cesar Rumayor, president of the Associated Students. “We can all take pride in its look and the process that led to its development.”

Students selected the knight after three-years of surveys and drawing competitions.

Rumayor said, “The new Warrior emblem is something that will look good on shirts and jackets. We’ll always be the Warriors at CSU Stanislaus, and now we have a mascot that people can really get pumped up about.”

“The identity of the new mascot reflects the value of culture we set for ourselves,” said Geraldina Garcia, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee president and member of the cross country and track and field teams. “It represents our inner strength, competitiveness and determination. I think it represents exactly what a mascot should be and is the foundation of us as athletes and the standard of who we are.”

During the day, students handed out more than 400 shirts carrying the emblem. Rumayor said the campus bookstore will soon carry the shirts and that plans call for distributing the shirts, and other Warrior wear, through area stores.

“During the time I’ve been at CSU Stanislaus, we’ve never had a mascot that we really felt passionate about,” said Rumayor, who is in his third and final year as ASI president. “When people have something they feel strongly about, we hope that passion will extend to their feeling about the entire University.”

A committee composed of students, student athletes, ASI leadership, Director of Athletics Dr. Milton Richards and Director of ASI Cari Stammler worked with a marketing design team from E & J Gallo Winery to come up with the new look. The Gallo group provided services pro bono.

“We are very grateful to ASI President Cesar Rumayor, Ms. Stammler and all the students and student athletes who worked so hard to create this new mascot,” said Dr. Richards. “We look forward to using this mascot to promote our athletic program for years to come.”

The committee incorporated components from drawings submitted by students, alumni and University staff last year, and the ASI Senate approved the new mascot earlier this year. Rumayor said student leaders would generate interest in naming the new Warrior during an upcoming Campus Pride Campaign and also come up with a CSU Stanislaus fight song.

The new mascot, created by 1-800-MASCOTT in Florida, will replace the Warrior Hawk launched during the 1999 Academic year. The Hawk replaced the Native American warrior image that had been used as mascot since 1960 and was dropped by the University in 1997 on the order of Dr. Marvalene Hughes, President of CSU Stanislaus. The University decided to stay with a Warrior theme when it developed the hawk.

University officials said plans call for introducing a new CSU Stanislaus logo this fall.

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