Campus: Sonoma State University -- February March 4, 2005

New Agreement With Shanghai Institute Opens Door To China For Students, Faculty

A new pathway for students from China to study in Sonoma State University's computer engineering program opens next week as SSU signs an agreement with the Shanghai Sanda Institute.

A cooperative program between SSU and Sanda allows students from Shanghai to study at SSU as well as pave the way for SSU students and faculty to teach and learn in China in the future. Sanda plans to hire the Chinese students trained at SSU as faculty upon their return and will encourage future students to apply for study at SSU privately as well.

Scheduled to be signed on Monday, March 7, the agreement provides for two Sanda graduate students to study in the Masters of Science in Computer Engineering Science program and for SSU graduates to teach English oral communication skills at Sanda as paid interns. SSU faculty will also have the opportunity to work at Sanda to teach short summer courses.

The China delegation at the agreement signing will include Shanghai Sanda Institute President Yuan Ji, Vice President Jin Xianhong, and Provost Chen Jian-xin.

With the assistance of a SSU faculty member born in Shanghai, the School of Extended Education worked for the past three years to help develop the SSU-Sanda connection. Dean of Extended Education, Les Adler, says that the collaboration benefits both institutions and nations.

"Sanda Institute is very interested in helping its students meet the challenges of global change," he says. "China needs well-trained engineers and our students need enhanced opportunities to study and work abroad and greater exposure to international issues."

Sanda was the first private full-time comprehensive university to provide undergraduate courses with the official ratification of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has an enrollment of approximately 7,500.

Proficiency in foreign languages, computer skills and a good command of higher mathematics have always been emphasized at Sanda in the design of its curricula. Students are required to display ability in aural comprehension and verbal expression in foreign language as well as computer skills. "They must excel in a society where globalization and information explosion are pervasive factors," say Institute representatives.

Further information on the agreement with the School of Extended Education and Sanda can be found online at

Dean Les Adler can be reached for further comment at (707) 664-2449.

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