Campus: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo -- December 8, 2004

Cal Poly Applications Hit Record Levels for 11th Year in a Row

Cal Poly once again received a record number of applications from high school seniors and transfer students hoping to attend the San Luis Obispo campus next fall.

The California State University system application filing period for fall 2005 ended Nov. 30, with more than 27,520 students submitting applications.

"I am happy to report we had our 11th record applicant pool," said James Maraviglia, Cal Poly's assistant vice president for admissions recruitment and financial aid.

The university will make early admissions program offers by Dec. 15, and notify successful applicants in the traditional admissions application process by March 1, 2005. "We had more than 2,100 applicants file for early decisions this year," Maraviglia said.

The pool of successful fall applicants for fall 2004 had an average GPA of 3.77, SAT score of 1213 and ACT score of 27. "We don't have figures for fall 2005 yet, but the pool looks outstanding, and both the quality and diversity of our applications continue to improve," Maraviglia said.

Applications for freshmen and transfer students seeking admission for summer quarter 2005 will open on Feb. 1, 2005, and close on Feb. 28. The Cal Poly application process is entirely online; to apply, students do so through the CSU Mentor Web site at

Those interested in applying to Cal Poly should set up their own free VIP account through the Cal Poly Admissions Web site. With a VIP online account, prospective students receive information from the departments and majors they're interested in, as well as updates from other areas of the university. High school students are welcome to browse the admissions site and create their own VIP accounts any time, Maraviglia explained.

"More than 70 percent of the fall 2005 applicant pool had already established their VIP portal account with the campus. These students have 24/7 access to their VIP information and many of them had initiated their accounts as early as the 10th grade," Maraviglia said.

Throughout the recruitment cycle, prospective students with VIP accounts will receive a series of e-mail communications from the campus community, Maraviglia stressed.

"Prospective students with VIP accounts also receive customized student interest forms and campus surveys, and are kept informed on campus events. Students can register for specific events and update their individual real-time VIP pages," Maraviglia said.

Contact: James L. Maraviglia, (805) 756-2913

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