CSSA -- October 21, 2004

Tens of Thousands of New California State University Students Registered to Vote in November

Voter Education and Get Out the Vote Activities Underway at Twenty Campuses

Autumn at university campuses is always a busy time, but this fall students at twenty California State Universities joined efforts to register thousands of their peers to vote in the November election.

“We are happy to announce that more than 24,000 CSU students statewide are registered to vote in the November election,” said Manolo Platin, chair of the California State Student Association, the statewide student organization. The three campuses that registered the most students were CSU Chico (3,600+), San Diego State University (2,200), and CSU Northridge (2,000).

Platin went on to talk about why registering students to vote is important. “As a student, I am learning more about the world and the way it works. The more I understand about my community and the issues that are important to me, the more I am interested in making sure that my voice is heard by elected leaders. I vote because I want them to pay attention to me and the things I care about.”

The California State Student Association prepared student body leaders to participate in the statewide voter registration drive by setting statewide goals, holding regional trainings to teach peers the ins and outs of voter registration, and working with university administrators to gain lasting support for campus voter registration drives.

In the process CSSA collaborated with CSU faculty and administrators, the Secretary of State, the University of California Student Association, and the national non-partisan voter registration organization, the New Voters Project, to coordinate this year’s effort.

The next step for California State University students is to turn out the polls on November 2nd. Students will be getting creative to find ways to educate their peers about the numerous statewide ballot measures and local issues and candidates. Some will hold forums, others will distribute the CSU November 2004 Ballot Measure: Information and Reference Guide (http://www.csustudents.org/documents/p_november_ballot_guide_2004.pdf)

At Sonoma State University, the student government will be hosting a non-partisan election night comedy event- where students who bring proof of voting will get in free, according to Associated Students President Jason Spencer, who said,

“We don’t care who they vote for. We just want to see that students voices are heard on Election Day.”

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