Campus: CSU Los Angeles -- May 26, 2004

Cal State L.A.’s 16-year-old Grad to Pursue Doctoral Study in Computers

While most of his peers from his former middle school are preparing for SAT exams or taking college prep courses, Ryan Cheung (Arcadia resident), at 16, will be receiving his bachelor’s degree in computer science with honors at Cal State L.A.’s Undergraduate Commencement on Saturday, June 12.

Ryan—Cal State L.A.’s youngest graduating senior this year—has already been accepted to the M.S./Ph.D. program in computer science at UCLA. A Dean’s List and G.E. Honors student, Ryan has been a member of Cal State L.A.’s Association for Computing Machinery, a computer science representative for the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Board, and had served on the Associated Students, Inc. elections commission. With an interest in computers since he was a little boy, Ryan decided early on to pursue a career related to computers. He was admitted to Cal State L.A. at age 12 through the Early Entrance Program (EEP). He credits all his professors for helping to prepare him for his future. Ryan adds, “The EEP broadened my horizons and allowed me to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Before heading to UCLA in the fall, Ryan will be spending his summer break interning at City National Bank in its information technology office.

Cal State L.A.’s Early Entrance Program—the only one of its kind in the nation—has grown steadily since its introduction on campus in 1983. Modeled after the program at the University of Washington, Seattle, the EEP admits extraordinarily gifted youngsters—some as young as 11—directly into college, providing the early entrants with monitored evaluation, regular counseling sessions, and the opportunity to study with like-minded peers.

This year, Ryan Cheung is one of 12 young EEPsters to receive baccalaureate degrees: Geneva Burleigh, Matthew Gozdecki, Joy Houng, Laurie Kaye, Dimitri Kosturos, Karen Kuo (profile not provided), Jeffrey Lin (profile not provided), Bibhu Mohanty, Steven Pan (profile not provided), Pablo Parravicini, and Jinny Shen.

Geneva Burleigh
Age: 19
Major: English
Honors: G.E. Honors
Hobbies: writing, playing violin
Career goal: writer
City of residence: Los Angeles

Matthew Gozdecki
Age: 19
Major: finance; economics minor
Honors: Dean’s List, General Motors Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, G.E. Honors
Campus activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASI Elections 2001 Committee, EEP Club
Hobbies: basketball, football, Hip-Hop, poker, freestyle battling, keyboard
Career goal: stockbroker
City of residence: Los Angeles

Joy Houng
Age: 18
Major: broadcasting-radio & television
Honors: Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Dean’s List, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences
Career goal: entertainment business
City of residence: Arcadia

Laurie Kaye
Age: 18
Major: political science; economics minor
Grad schools: Duke University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, USC, Claremont Graduate University, UCLA, or University of Chicago
Community activity: president/founder, Students Together for Animal Rights
Career goal: political analyst/journalist and professor
City of residence: La Canada

Dimitri Kosturos
Age: 20
Major: computer science
Grad school: USC
Honors: Phi Kappa Phi, Dean’s List, All-American Scholar
Campus activities: Association for Computing Machinery, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
Hobbies: cross-country running, track and field, chess, playing piano & electric guitar
City of residence: Canoga Park

Bibhu Mohanty
Age: 20
Major: biology (summa cum laude)
Grad schools: University of Michigan Medical School or Duke University School of Medicine
Honors: Phi Kappa Phi Freshman of the Year, Beta Beta Beta, Who’s Who Among Students in America’s Universities and Colleges, Dean’s List, Scholastic All-American, and scholarships.
Career goal: physician
City of residence: Walnut

Pablo Parravicini
Age: 20
Major: psychology
Career goal: law enforcement
Honors: G.E. Honors
Hobbies: paintball, airsoft, playing guitar
City of residence: Monterey Park

Jinny Shen
Age: 19
Major: business administration; economics minor (summa cum laude)
Grad schools: Duke University or UCLA Law Schools
Honors: G.E. Honors, Beta Gamma Sigma, Golden Key, Dean’s List, Phi Kappa Phi
Hobbies: sewing, playing piano, volunteering
City of residence: Diamond Bar

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