Campus: CSU Fullerton -- April 28, 2004

Cal State Fullerton to Launch Computer, Software Engineering Degree Programs

Students setting their sights on careers in computer engineering, and software engineers eager to enhance their skills and knowledge, are invited to apply for admission to Cal State Fullerton to pursue two new degree programs being launched this summer.

One of the programs - a master's degree in software engineering - will be the second online graduate program offered by the university and is geared for working professionals. Also being introduced is a bachelor's degree program in computer engineering that was developed in response to area high-tech firms seeking graduates in this field.

"We are responding to the needs of students, local technology companies and to professionals in the field seeking computer or software engineering degrees," said Raman Unnikrishnan, dean of the university's College of Engineering and Computer Science.

"Software engineering is the application of systematic engineering principles to the development and maintenance of computer software," noted Dorota Huizinga, ECS associate dean and professor of computer science.

"Our curriculum is fundamentally grounded in software engineering research, theory, principles and practice, " she said. "The 22-month online program will prepare individuals for careers as software process managers, designers and developers in industry and governmental agencies. Our emphasis on software process throughout the entire curriculum makes this program unique among professional master's degrees," she added.

"The online degree is designed for working professionals who wish to further their skills and pursue graduate-level education in software engineering," said Demetrios Michalopoulos, professor of computer science. "Because it is an online program, it has been approved and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges."

Computer engineering, the new bachelor's degree program, will focus on the design and analysis of computer hardware and software. "Our computer engineering program integrates pertinent science and mathematics courses with electrical engineering and computer science courses to develop an engineer capable of designing and analyzing all aspects of modern computer and embedded systems," said Unnikrishnan.

"The degree can lead to immediate employment after graduation as a design, development, test, application or marketing engineer of computer hardware or software," he added. "Students who enter computer engineering with the necessary prerequisites, follow our guidance on course selection and achieve good grades, can graduate in four years and move on to a career right here in Orange County."

Industry support for the undergraduate program is strong, as reflected in the letters of endorsement from Boeing, Intel, JPL, Raytheon, Systems Co., Technology Strategy Group and Unisys.

"We looked at accredited programs across the country in formulating this program so that it meets the standards set by the Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology," said Susamma Barua, professor of computer science and chair of the college's computer engineering committee.

"Both of these new degree programs will significantly reach a new pool of students and also will help people in industry to advance in their careers," said Unnikrishnan. "Our educational efforts are consistent with today's trends in technology, and our online program will reach students across the nation and beyond."

Additional information on the computer engineering program is available on the Web at Information about the master's degree in software engineering can be found at

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